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Art & Design enables the pupils to use their imagination and express their feelings and ideas in a dynamic manner.  As a department our goals are to encourage the pupils to develop as artists, have high standards, embrace new challenges and set themselves ambitious targets.

Key Stage 3

The focus at the start of Year 7 is to develop the pupils drawing skills (e.g. they learn techniques to create texture, how to use tone to create 3D effects and how to observe and record details accurately).  They also experience a wide variety of materials and an eclectic mix of themes and artists to study.  

The KS3 course comprises of a variety of projects where the pupils continue to develop their drawing skills in preparation for the GCSE course.  The pupils are taught in mixed ability groups and have a one hour Art lesson every week.

Key Stage 4

The GCSE course involves a wide range of areas and approaches in Painting and Drawing (e.g. the pupils create art using acrylic paint, oil pastel, chalk, charcoal, ink and clay etc.).  It is important that the pupils taking the Art & Design course enjoy experimenting and are keen to use a wide range of media.

The pupils study the work of artists and designers from various periods and cultures and they demonstrate how their work has been influenced or inspired by such studies.  The pupils write about the artists including their thoughts and feelings about the art work.  In addition, they analyse and evaluate their projects.

Observational drawing is of paramount importance as it is the building block of all project work.  Pupils spend long periods of time working on detailed observational drawings.  The pupils drawing skills develop at a rapid rate during Year 10 which prepares them for the challenging Year 11 course.  In addition, the pupils research topics and themes in order to plan and develop personal projects.

Homework allows for the practice of skills and development of original ideas.  A minimum of two hours homework a week is essential.  In addition, to gain access to the higher grades pupils build up a folio of personal studies which they create by working independently at home.

The course work completed during Year 10 and the autumn term of Year 11 is worth 60% of the final GCSE grade.  For the remainder of Year 11 the pupils plan and create a personal project based on starting points provided by the exam board.  That final project is worth 40% of the final GCSE grade.  

At the end of Year 11 the pupils review their work and display a range of their best work for assessment and moderation.

The Art & Design Team

Mrs S Fox-Kirk
Mrs K Palich
Mrs P Clegg



2015 Exam Results:  Art A*-C 94%


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