Health and Social Care Curriculum Intent

The Health and Social Care BTEC Tech Award  gives pupils the opportunity to develop sector-specific knowledge and skills in a practical learning environment.


Curriculum Overview

The curriculum overview for Healh and Social Care (BTEC)

The curriculum overview provides a high level guide to the subject matter taught, this also links to the detailed subject learning plan for each year group.

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The focus is on four areas of equal importance, which cover the:

  • Development of key skills that prove your aptitude in health and social care such as interpreting data to assess an individual’s health.

  • Process that underpins effective ways of working in health and social care, such as designing a plan to improve an individual’s health and wellbeing.

  • Attitudes that are considered most important in health and social care, including the care values that are vitally important in the sector, and the opportunity to practise applying them.

  • Knowledge that underpins effective use of skills, process and attitudes in the sector such
    as human growth and development, health and social care services, and factors affecting
    people’s health and wellbeing.

This Award complements the learning in GCSE programmes such as GCSE English. It will
Complement the more theoretical aspects covered by GCSE Biology or GCSE Psychology by
allowing you to apply your knowledge and skills practically in a vocational context.


What can the qualification lead to?

Study of the qualification as part of Key Stage 4 learning will help pupils to make more informed choices for further learning, either generally or in this sector. The choices that pupils can make post-16 will depend on their overall level of attainment and their performance in the qualification.

Pupils who generally achieve at Level 2 across their Key Stage 4 learning might consider
Progression to:

A Levels as preparation for entry to higher education in a range of subjects

Study of a vocational qualification at Level 3, such as a BTEC National in Health and Social
Care, which prepares pupils to enter employment or apprenticeships, or to move on to higher education by studying a degree in aspects of health or social care.


Key themes studied include:

• Development across life stages
• Types of support
• Accessing Health and Social Care services
• Health and Wellbeing
• Risk factors
• Health improvement plans


The Health and Social Care Team:

Mrs R Parveen