Humanities Curriculum Intent

The aim of the Humanities Faculty is to encourage the students to become the best they can be by inspiring curiosity and wonder of the dynamic world we live in and our place within it.

Students are encouraged to develop an empathy with, and understanding of, people and places from the past, the present and the future both in this country and the wider world.

Students become informed, critical citizens who are able to analyse/question the wealth of information available to them in the modern world. Students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is promoted so they become thoughtful, active citizens who have an understanding of different communities and faiths.

Students learn to recognise bias, evaluate arguments and look for alternative interpretations and sources of evidence to reach informed conclusions and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences they face now and in the future. Above all, students will become young people who can appreciate the role and purpose they have in the world, and appreciate that the life they live is a gift, much greater than many people living both in the past and the present, therefore understanding the stewardship and responsibility they possess to make our world a better place.


By the end of key stage 3

• Students will have the knowledge and skill set to garner meaning from the world around them.

• Students will understand where they come from, who they are, and what they and others believe so that they can live as successful members of society.

• Students will gain a broad and rich knowledge and understanding of the curriculum.

• Students will be able to communicate their ideas confidently.

• Students will be able to make links between History and Geography to understand how the past influences our present and future.

• Students will learn and appreciate the challenges of people living in different areas of the world and different time periods, to gain perspective on the challenges they personally face.


By the end of key stage 4

• Students will be open to new ideas, able to evaluate new information and become critical thinkers.

• Students will study the content defined by the exam specification, in order that they should achieve their best.

• Students will develop a range of knowledge and skills that will provide a foundation for future study and a preparation for employment or higher education.



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The Humanities Team

Mr L. Griffin – Curriculum Leader

Mr J. Harwood – Assistant Curriculum Leader

Miss E. Wilkinson

Miss G. Butler

Mr M. Hughes

Mrs R. Parveen

Mrs J. McCue

Mr M. Snowden

Mr R. Parker