Religious Education is a central part of the curriculum at Blessed Trinity which seeks to underpin and develop the educational activity of the whole school. Religious Education is part of and supports the ministry of the word with a particular focus on liturgical celebration. All pupils at KS3 will be prepared for and celebrate class Mass within RE lessons which complement the Year group masses that are celebrated at various times throughout our liturgical calendar. All pupils are taught RE throughout KS3 and KS4 and a minimum of 10% of the teaching timetable is dedicated to this subject. A central part of the curriculum is to raise awareness of those who are vulnerable in both our local and global communities and this awareness is complemented and enhanced by a thriving cycle of charitable fundraising events.


At Key Stage 3, pupils follow a scheme of work based on Salford Diocesan Guidelines and incorporating the newly revised Catholic Curriculum Directory. This Scheme of Work seeks to develop not only a solid knowledge and understanding of issues relating to our role as Roman Catholic Christians in the world (AO1) but also allows the pupils to analyse and evaluate the impact of beliefs and values on our behaviour and actions (AO2).

Throughout the course, pupils are given opportunities to explore and consider their own beliefs and faith as well as the faith of those belonging to other world religions. Both Classwork and Homework activities seek to address a range of different skills, including research, ICT, group work, oral presentation, research and analysis.

RE is also a respected humanities GCSE subject and therefore of interest and value to employers.


At Key Stage 4, we seek to further embed and develop the skills and knowledge our pupils acquire throughout Key Stage 3. All pupils will study for an RE single award GCSE. All pupils will sit two exams in Year 11, Edexcel Unit 8 and Edexcel Unit 3, each exam is worth 50% of the total grade. There is no coursework.  
Year 10

Unit 3: Religion and Life based on a study of Roman Catholic Christianity
    3.1 Believing in God
    3.2 Matters of Life and Death
    3.3 Marriage and the Family
    3.4 Religion and Community Cohesion

Year 11

Unit 8: Religion and Society based on a study of Christianity and Islam
    8.1 Rights and Responsibilities
    8.2 Environmental and Medical issues
    8.3 Peace and Conflict
    8.4 Crime and Punishment


The Religious Education Team

Mrs R Keighley – Curriculum Leader

Mrs T Burtles – Assistant Curriculum Leader

Mrs D Williams – Assistant Head Teacher with responsibility for Learning and Teaching

Mr S Preston

Miss J Clegg

Ms L Murray

Miss R Wilkinson



2015 Exam Results:  A*-C 82%


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