RE Curriculum Intent

Inspired by the teaching of Gaudium et Spes that ““Jesus Christ is the key to the whole of human history”, the RE department seeks to develop young people of faith who have the capacity to reflect spiritually, think ethically and theologically, and who are aware of the demands of religious commitment in everyday life.

The RE department believes it has a major contribution to make to the intellectual formation of our young people and agrees wholeheartedly with the teaching of Pope St John Paul II that “Religious Education is the core of the core curriculum”.


Curriculum Overview

The curriculum overview for RE

The curriculum overview provides a high level guide to the subject matter taught, this also links to the detailed subject learning plan for each year group.

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Subject big ideas

• Did God create the world?
• Jesus: God, man or both?
• Why does God allow suffering?
• Is human life sacred?
• Do we have the right to die?
• Is there life after death?



Religious Education is a central part of the curriculum at Blessed Trinity which seeks to underpin and develop the educational activity of the whole school. Religious Education is part of and supports the ministry of the word with a particular focus on liturgical celebration. 

A central part of the curriculum is to raise awareness of those who are vulnerable in both our local and global communities and this awareness is complemented and enhanced by a thriving cycle of charitable fundraising events.

Throughout the course, pupils are given opportunities to explore and consider their own beliefs and faith as well as the faith of those belonging to other world religions. Both Classwork and Homework activities seek to address a range of different skills, including research, ICT, group work, oral presentation, research and analysis.

RE is also a respected humanities GCSE subject and therefore of interest and value to employers.


Key themes studied include:

• Christianity in Britain
• Development of the Roman Catholic Church
• Other religions and faiths
• Pilgrimage and worship
• Evil, sin, crime and punishment
• Popular devotion
• Sacraments, missions and evangelisation


The Religious Education Team:

Mrs R Thompson (Curriculum Leader)

Mr S.Preston

Mrs T.Burtles  (Assistant Curriculum Leader)

Mrs R.Keighley (Assistant Headteacher)

Mrs L.Kelly (Head of Year 7 with Transition)

Mrs R.Wilkinson (Chaplain)

Mr M.Horne

Miss E Harvey

Miss R Sudall