Welcome to the Science Department of Blessed Trinity R.C. College.

The Science Department of Blessed Trinity RC College is at an exciting stage of development.  The department occupies a suite of 6 laboratories dedicated to the teaching of Science as well as access to an ICT suite and a science teaching classroom.  

The Curriculum Leader, together with the Assistant Curriculum Leader, head up a strong, experienced and dedicated team of teachers, who work together to encourage all pupils to fulfil their potential.  At present the Science Department has nine full-time members of staff, one part time member of staff and two technical support staff.  At KS3 all pupils receive 3 lessons of one hour and at KS4 they have 9 lessons over a two week period. We believe that pupils should be encouraged to question, investigate and then evaluate their work; consequently the study of Science at Blessed Trinity is very practical.

We follow a bespoke SOW generated for the new KS3 curriculum, which is taught to Year 7 and 8 pupils..  Pupils in KS3 are taught in two linear bands with five sets in each band.   We use the Activate Science Books to support learning in lessons.  At Key Stage 4, which starts in Year 9, the majority of students follow AQA Combined Science Trilogy route.  We also offer the AQA GCSE Triple Award Science.  Where possible, KS4 classes are taught by subject specialists and all staff have the ability to teach Biology, Chemistry and Physics to GCSE level.

Students enjoy Science at Blessed Trinity.  We run a KS3 science club, Crest Club and many extra-curricular trips such as Blackpool Zoo and Extreme Physics to enhance learning in Science.

The Science Team: 

Dr. J. Tuohy (Operational Assistant Headteacher for Science) – specialism Biology and Physics

Mrs. H. Hacking (Assistant Curriculum Leader and KS3 Science co-ordinator) –specialism Biology & Chemistry.

Mrs. N. Yorke Robinson (Associate Deputy Headteacher – Behaviour) - specialism Biology & Chemistry.

Mr. D. Cliff (Teacher of Science) – specialism Chemistry

Mrs. E. Kelly (Teacher of Science) – specialism Biology

Dr. J. Farry (Teacher of Science) – specialism Physics

Ms. E. Lambert (Teacher of Science) – specialism Biology

Mrs. A.M. Smith (Teacher of Science) – specialism Biology

Mrs. D. Jenkinson (Teacher of Science) – specialism Chemistry

In 2017, the Science Department also has two newly qualified teachers. 

They are: Ms. K. Nettleton (Teacher of Science) – specialism Chemistry

Mr. A. Westlake (Teacher of Science) – specialism Physics





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