What is Pupil Premium?

The pupil premium is additional funding given to publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers.

The pupils in this group include all children who have been eligible for free school meals at any point in the past 6 years and children who have been looked after for 6 months or longer.  

School priorities/Aims

Guided by our Catholic ethos, Blessed Trinity are fully committed to equality and to developing the talents and abilities of all the pupils in our care.  

Our aims are that:

• the proportion of pupil premium pupils who make expected progress, in the core subjects of English and Mathematics, matches that of their peers

• all pupil premium pupils to achieve a positive progress 8 score


And whilst at school we will look to ensure these pupils have:

• improved attendance/punctuality.

• increased enjoyment/engagement of the school curriculum.

• increased participation in a range of extra-curricular activities, clubs, trips etc.

• well informed parents/carers able to support their child’s progress at school  


Pupil Premium Allocation

Actual Pupil Premium Funding 2017/18 £342,565

Estimated Pupil Premium Funding 2018/19 £340,956


How do we decide where the money is spent?

Our guiding principle is to direct the pupil premium funding towards initiatives that will have the greatest impact on achievement. The use of data, on academic performance as well as possible barriers to learning such as attendance, homework, equipment and behaviour, will continue to steer the allocation of funding.

Targeted interventions and support are based on a needs analysis which has helped identify priority classes, groups or individuals. Teachers are also able to apply for funds to help students both in and outside of lessons.

After each academic year an evaluation of the cost effectiveness, in terms of impact upon pupils’ academic performance is carried out to ensure efficient use of pupil premium funding.  



Blessed Trinity twice yearly reviews its pupil premium strategies and how funding is spent.

In September, relevant data drives the review, responding to evidence gained in order to direct action planning for the forthcoming year.

In February, the review is focussed on staffing in preparation for recruitment, retention and deployment of staff in the forthcoming new academic year.

Pupil Premium Funding 2019-2020

Pupil Premium Funding 2020-2021

The previous 2 years are being updated inline with the current pandemic provisions

Pupil Premium Strategy 2018 - 2019


Impact on Educational Attainment and Progress 2018

Entry Data Y11 2018

Measure All Pupils DP Non DP Gap
Key Stage 2 APS 27.65 25.89 28.49 2.6


Key stage 4 Attainment and Progress Y11 2018

Measure All Pupils DP Non DP Grade Gap
Progress 8 -0.44 -0.58 -0.37  
Attainment 8 39.6 32.4 43.0 1.1 grade
% EB entry 52% 38% 59%  
EB point score 3.6 2.8 3.9  
English P8 -0.38 -0.43 -0.35  
English A8 8.8 7.7 9.3 0.8 grade
Maths P8 -0.41 -0.49 -0.36  
Maths A8 7.6 6.2 8.3 1.1 grade
Grade 5+
Maths and Eng
29% 14% 36%  
Grade 4+
Maths and Eng
53% 43% 58%  





Impact on Educational Attainment and Progress 2017

Entry Data Y11 2018

Measure All Pupils DP Non DP Gap
Key Stage 2 APS 28.20 26.52 28.78 2.26


Key stage 4 Attainment and Progress Y11 2017

Measure All Pupils DP Non DP Grade Gap
Progress 8 -0.46 -0.80 -0.34  
Attainment 8 40.6 32.2 43.6 1.1 grade
% EB entry 52% 30% 59%  
EB point score        
English P8 -0.30 -0.51 -0.23  
English A8 9.2 7.8 9.6 0.9 grade
Maths P8 -0.25 -0.72 -0.08  
Maths A8 8.2 6.1 8.9 1.4 grade
Grade 5+
Maths and Eng
32% 12% 39%  
Grade 4+
Maths and Eng
59% 35% 67%  


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