Geography Curriculum Intent

In Geography we seek to inspire a generation of independent young adults who have the breadth of knowledge and drive to create positive futures for the world around us. In learning about processes on a range of scales, our pupils will develop an appreciation of how the world around them works. We hope that in doing this, BTRCC will continue to produce hard-working, compassionate and well-rounded individuals who are ready to take on the challenges of their future careers.

Our curriculum focuses on engaging pupils in the physical, human and environmental realms of Geography allowing for the development of independent geographical enquiry. Pupils will investigate contemporary issues and challenges faced on local, national and global scales, whilst developing valuable interdisciplinary skills such as evaluative, analytical, numeracy and literacy skills.

Students will learn that Geography is not just looking at maps or talking about rivers, but is a complex subject where both human and physical processes and issues go hand in hand to create the world we live in.
Overall, we aim to give perspective to our learners’ lives, to understand the fortune given to them and others, and to appreciate the responsibility we have as individuals to protect and improve life on Earth.


Curriculum Overview

The curriculum overview for Geography

The curriculum overview provides a high level guide to the subject matter taught, this also links to the detailed subject learning plan for each year group.

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Key themes studied include:

• Natural hazards

• The living world (Ecosystems)

• Physical landscapes (Rivers, Coasts, Glaciers)

• Urban issues and challenges

• The developing world

• Management of resources

• Global tourism

• Global superpowers, new and old (USA, UK, Russia, India, Africa/Nigeria)


When studying human Geography, students will gain an appreciation of different cultures, beliefs and characteristics of life around the world. They will also understand why people around the world live such vastly different lives, and the natural and human factors that have led this to happen. They will also gain an appreciation of the values the school holds in high regard, becoming tolerant and respectful to the beliefs, cultures and challenges of other people.

In physical Geography students will understand how the natural environment impacts on our lives, from the devastation brought by natural disasters, to the benefits of living in certain environments, such as rainforests. They will develop and appreciation for why we must protect these environments through acts of stewardship, and consider how climate change could change both our lives and the world around us.

Throughout all topics, our pupils will develop a wide range of skills which will help them in later life. They will learn how to interpret maps, graphs and charts, to understand how maths and analytics can have a huge role to play in explaining how the world works. We also actively encourage debating and discussion, to aid our pupils in working as a team and appreciating other people’s ideas and beliefs. In promoting research, analysis, evaluation and problem-solving, we believe our students will become well developed learners in both Geography and other subjects in the school curriculum.


The Geography Team:

Mr L. Griffin - Curriculum Leader

Miss E. Wilkinson

Mr R. Parker

Mr J. Kelly