We believe in the importance of not just learning history, but learning from history. Understanding past events and people and their significance gives students a better insight into the world around them.

We aim to teach pupils critical thinking skills that allow them to engage with and evaluate their local environment's place in English History and the wider history of the connected world.

This is taught through a curriculum that focuses on the importance of literacy and oracy and delivers history in a chronological, yet thematic way that is connected to topical issues that pupils face. Our pupils should complete their study of History as well rounded young adults with a thirst for knowledge and the skills and fully equipped with the skills needed in everyday life.and fully equipped with the skills needed in everyday life.

Key themes studied include:

• Medieval England: The events of 1066, Life in Medieval England, the Black Death and the Crusades
• How England became a world power: Elizabethan England, The Slave Trade and Industrial Britain 
Her-story? A Focus on female history through key events: Female Suffrage, World War 1&2, Rise of Hitler
• World War One and it's aftermath, World War Two (including the Holocaust)
• Britain: Health and the People c.1000-present day
• Conflict and Tension: The First World War 1894-1918
• America: Equality and Opportunity 1920-1973
• Elizabethan England c.1568-1603


Curriculum Overview

The curriculum overview for History


The History Team:

Mrs S Cheshire - Curriculum leader of history
Mrs E Makinson
Mrs C Clarke
Miss E Wilkinson
Mr M Snowden
Mr S Tasker
Miss E Burleigh

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