Personal Development Curriculum Intent (CEIAG, PSHE and Skills for Success)

Personal development covers the three areas: Careers (CEIAG), PSHE and Skills for Success.

We aim to equip our pupils with the knowledge and strength of character to make informed decisions and appropriate choices as they grow into adulthood, providing them with the tools necessary to pursue a future beyond Blessed Trinity. This will enable our pupils to contribute and change society for the better, using Jesus as their example.


Curriculum Overview

The curriculum overview for PSHE

The curriculum overview for CEIAG

The curriculum overview provides a high level guide to the subject matter taught.


Career describes our journey through life learning and work. The Career Development Institute has identified six career development skills that are needed to be able to have the career you want.

The school careers programme is built around these areas:

Grow throughout life

Grow throughout life by learning and reflecting on yourself, your background and your strengths


Explore possibilities

Explore the full range of possibilities open to you and learn about recruitment processes and the culture of different workplaces


Manage your career

Manage your career actively, make the most of opportunities and learn from setbacks


Create opportunities

Create opportunities by being proactive and building positive relationships with others


Balance life and work

Balance your life as a worker and/or entrepreneur with your wellbeing other interests and your involvement with your family and community


See the big picture

See the big picture by paying attention to how the economy, politics and society connect with your own life and career



We support wellbeing by teaching pupils to stay safe and healthy, and by building self-esteem, resilience and empathy. Our effective PSHE/Wellbeing programme can tackle barriers to learning, raise aspirations, and improve the life chances of all, including the most vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils.

The skills and attributes developed through PSHE education are shown to increase academic attainment and attendance rates, as well as improve employability, boost social mobility and improve economic wellbeing.


The programme encompasses three overlapping areas:

• Health and Wellbeing

• Relationships

• Living in the Wider World


Key themes studied include:

• Personal values and safety

• Online safety

• Physical wellbeing

• Mental wellbeing

• Relationships and sex educations

• Careers and aspirations

• Managing work, exams and stress

• Democracy and the rule of law

• Stewardship of the Earth

• British values



Skills for Success
Our role is to establish, develop and embed essential skills that our pupils need to succeed in education and beyond. We celebrate all of our pupils’ achievements and support them as they acquire the expertise to succeed in life after Blessed Trinity.


Our main areas of focus are:

• Communication

• Creative problem solving

• Self-management

• Collaboration


The Personal Development Team:

Mrs H Nolan (Assistant Headteacher / Personal Development and Pastoral Lead)

Mrs K. Hart (Careers information and Guidance Officer)

Mrs K. Mercer (PSHE Lead)

Mrs E. Witts (Assistant PSHE Lead)


Supported by the Pastoral Team

Mrs L. Kelly (Progress Leader Year 7 and Transition)

Mr A. Isherwood (Progress Leader Year 8)

Mr J. Kelly (Progress Leader Year 9)

Mr M. Holding (Progress Leader Year 10)

Mrs L Mirfield (Progress Leader Year 11)