Aaliyah says that while she is missing her friends, she has already got into a routine of doing her schoolwork at home.

Year Seven pupil Aaliyah is the daughter of Blessed Trinity Assistant Headteacher Miss McCue and Miss McCue also has her son Archie, 6,  who goes to Whittlefield Primary School, at home.

"It is a struggle with the laptop at times but we have got a routine now," said Miss McCue.

Aaliyah said: "It does actually feel quite normal. I get up at my normal time, get dressed but obviously not in my uniform and stick to school hours.


"I go onto Show My Homework which tells me what to do for the day and I just get on with it.

"I enjoy the PE too where we do 20 minutes of exercise a day - and with the weather being good it's nice to be outside.

"I have breaks and lunch-time at the time I would at school and then it's back on my computer.

"I am missing my friends but we are in touch and so far, it's working.