School re-opens for students on Monday 19 April.

OffTTJul 01


Blessed Trinity students were learning everything from circus tricks to British Values as the school went off time-table for two days.


OffTTJul 04


Experts came into the school to give the Year Seven-ten students lessons in dance, Spanish cuisine, circus skills, First Aid, art, anti-bullying and more.


OffTTJul 02


"It's a time when we leave the curriculum and students learn more about different cultures, think about our values and learn practical skills, such as First Aid," said organiser Miss Loney.

"The Year Nines and Tens had more specialised lessons towards future careers and further education but it just allows the students to step away from the curriculum for a couple of days and try out new skills and also think about the way we live."


OffTTJul 03