Centre and Candidate Numbers – what are they?

Every exam candidate has been allocated a unique number which, together with the centre number (the number given to Blessed Trinity RC College by the JCQ – Joint Council for Qualifications) must be written on every exam paper submitted for marking.  This identifies the paper as yours so that you will receive the mark for the work you complete in each exam.  Remember, there are thousands of students taking the same exam at the same time all over the country, and you are responsible for making sure the paper can be identified as yours.

Blessed Trinity College’s centre number is


This will always be shown somewhere in the room when you take an exam.

You will also need to write your candidate number every exam paper.  This  is a simple 4-digit number, a bit like a pin number for your bank card if you have one. When you sit your exam there will be a card attached to your desk with this number on it. The card also has the centre number on it so you are able to complete the front of your exam paper fully.   Please do not deface your candidate card as it is used for each exam you sit.