Blessed Trinity RC College. Burnley. Lancashire

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Department for Formation, Office for Education                   

Blessed Trinity Roman Catholic College, Lancashire, BB10 3AA

Inspection date:    13th March 2015

Reporting Inspector: Sister Judith Russi / Mr Colin Mason    

Inspection carried out in accordance with Section 48 of the Education Act 2005

Type of School: Catholic High School


Age range of pupils                  11-16 years

Number on roll                         1230

Appropriate authority               The Governing Body

Chair of Governors                  Mr Kenneth Tyson

Head teacher                          Mr Richard Varey

Date of previous inspection      October 2011


The Inspection judgements are: Grade


of the


1 = Outstanding

2 = Good

3 = Requires


Overall effectiveness of the school 1
The quality of Catholic Leadership 1
The quality of the Word of God community 1
The quality of the Welcome community 1
The quality of Welfare 1
The quality of Worship 1
The quality of Witness 1


The following pages provide reasons to support these judgements


For a full report in PDF Format Click Here

Ethos statement Large


We aim to serve each other, the Church,
our parents and the wider community
as well as developing young persons who
are not only academically accomplished
but who are also spiritually alert, culturally
developed and able to contribute effectively
as Christians in the communities in which they live.

2014 GCSE Exam Results

Percentage of pupils achieving 5 A*-C inc. Eng & Maths – 56% First Entry (60% Best Entry)

Percentage of pupils achieving Ebacc - 15%

Percentage of pupils who achieved at least
minimum expected levels of progress KS2 - KS4 in Eng - 78% and 60% in Maths

Percentage of pupils who achieved at least
minimum expected levels of progress KS2 - KS4 in Maths – 60%

Dear All

You will no doubt be aware of the increases to be applied to the Lancashire County Council (LCC) School Bus Fares from the start of the 2014/15 academic year.

To ensure as many students as possible are aware of the revised fares, could I ask you to publicise this information to your students and parents please?

Generally fares will increase as follows:-

 Single & Return Fares

Journeys up to 3 miles                    £1.10 Single increases to £1.30    £2.00 Return increases to £2.50    

Journeys up to 3 to 8 miles             £1.60 Single increases to £1.90    £3.00 Return increases to £3.50

Journeys over 8 miles                     £2.10 Single Increases to £2.40    £4.00 Return increases to £4.50

Season Tickets

£304 increases to £380

£456 increases to £532

£608 increases to £684  

Further information , including Season Ticket Quotes, is available by ringing the LCC Call Centre on 0300 123 6738.

Kind regards

Principal Transportation Officer
Passenger Transport
Lancashire County Council