Exam Conditions – what does this mean?

From the time that you enter the exam room, you are classed as being under ‘exams conditions’

This means that you should not communicate with any other candidates in any way.  Put your bag and coat in your locker before attending the exam room, find your desk and sit down. It is important that you sit at your allocated desk.  Check the seating plan BEFORE you enter the room – if you cannot find your place on the plan, speak to an invigilator.

An invigilator is someone employed and trained by the college to run the exam. They know the rules for conducting exams very well and have been trained to deal with every possible situation that may arise during the exam.  Invigilators are there to take care of any reasonable needs that candidates may have during the exam and they also have the power to cancel a candidate’s papers if they suspect that any rules have been broken. Invigilators must be obeyed and shown respect, just as any other member of staff within the college.

Once you are seated

Once everyone has found their seat the exam paper/s will be placed on your desk by the invigilators.  Do not open them until you are told to do so.

A teacher will go through the subject name and unit if relevant, and confirm the time you have to complete the exam.  Use the time wisely, you will not be allowed to leave the exam room if you finish early, so any time you have left after you have finished answering the questions should be used to check through your answers. You will be asked to fill in the details on the front page of the exam paper – centre number, candidate number, surname and name. Use your full name, no nicknames or abbreviated names are permitted. Please also sign the paper where requested. Only open the exam paper when you are instructed to do so.

At the end of the exam

After the allocated time for the exam has passed, the invigilators will collect in your papers.  You remain under exam conditions until all papers have been collected and a member of staff tells you that you can leave.

There are two different posters which are displayed both inside and outside each exam room. Copies of each of these posters are included in this guide.  Please read through them and be familiar with their contents.