Be Prepared – What you can and can’t take into an exam with you

Did you know?

When you sit an exam, you are responsible for taking in the equipment you require to complete the paper. There are strict rules as to what you can and can’t have with you:

Mobile phones, iPods, MP3 players, pagers, reading pens and any other form of electronic communication devices must not be taken into the exam room.  You must put your phone in your bag, in your locker BEFORE coming to the exam room, or given to an invigilator for safe keeping. You must not keep your phone with you, even if it is switched off. If you are found to have a phone in your possession a report must be sent to the exams board and you will have your paper cancelled, even if you didn’t intend to use the phone.

You must use a black pen for all written exams.  You must NOT use blue, green, red or any other colour pen or highlighter. Correction fluid is also not allowed.

Exams that require a calculator are clearly marked on the front of the paper.  The invigilators will also advise whether or not a calculator is allowed, where appropriate.  You must not have the calculator case/cover with you when the exam starts – leave it in your bag.

If you take a pencil case into the exam room it must be see-through.  Non-see through cases will be removed from the room before the exam starts.

You must do all work including rough work on exam stationery unless otherwise stated. Do not write or draw on the exam desk at all.

You can bring a drink of water in with you which must be in a clear bottle with no label, but chewing gum, sweets or other edible items are not allowed.

Full uniform must be worn for every exam.


Equipment List

For all exams :

See-through pencil case with :

BLACK pens – bring more than one.
HB pencils
Pencil sharpener
30cm transparent ruler

In addition :

Maths. Also bring with you:

Scientific calculator – check the batteries and remove the cover/lid

Science. Also bring with you:

Scientific calculator – check the batteries and remove the cover/lid

DT Subjects:Textiles
Food Technology
Electrical Products
Resistant Materials

Black fine liner
Coloured pencils
Calculator – check the batteries and remove the cover/lid

Things NOT to have with you:

Mobile phone or pager
Ipod, Ipad, Electronic Tablet, any Recording or Storage device
Notes of any kind
Calculator lid or cover
Plain paper, even if it is intended for rough work