Catholic Education

We are proud to provide a Catholic education for all our young people.  Recognising each child is a child of God, helps us to ensure that we always strive to provide nothing but the best for each of our pupils. 

Our Catholic faith influences all the work of the college as we endeavour to follow the gospel values of love, justice and concern for others.

Ethos statement Small Clear


All pupils admitted are expected to take a full and active part in the religious life and the R.E. Curriculum of the college.


Overview of Chaplaincy Activities

Here are some of the faith life activities around Blessed Trinity, for a timetable of activities, click the link at the bottom of the page.


Quiet and Calm 


Quiet and Calm: Time for yr 11 to take ten minutes to be still and breathe. Enjoy this space for reflection and prayer, or just have some time out of the busy day.

Equalities group: A place for all ages, genders, sexualities, abilities, races and religions. Supporters and allies are welcome.

Faith friends: Meet our Faith Friends from Burnley Building Bridges. Time to chat and enjoy each other’s company while taking part in different Interfaith activities.

Blessed’s Big Questions: Come and explore some of the big questions of meaning and purpose. Bring your lunch and have fun with a heated debate!


Take a Break


Take a break: Make time for a prayer and drop into chapel. Active prayer for KS3 led by our Mission Leaders.

Eco group: Year 7 are developing our Prayer Garden and exploring how we can be more environmentally aware in and around school.

Fairtrade Friday: Support workers’ rights, safer working conditions and fairer pay by buying Fairtrade goods from our stall.

Mission Leader’s Lunch: Bring your lunch and gather with the other elected leader’s to relax and plan.

Jumma Prayer: Muslim staff and pupils are invited to offer their Jumma prayer.


Click the link below to see the schedule of Chaplaincy Activities

Chaplaincy activities around school