A Guide To Taking your GCSE’s

For Year 10 or Year 11, you will shortly be sitting some of your GCSE exams.

You may already have taken some exams, and you will have noticed that there are certain procedures that have to be followed.  Every exam candidate in every school throughout the country must follow the same rules and procedures, to make sure that every candidate is given the same information in the same way, to make it fair.

We all know that the key to the best results possible for you is revision.  This however is not a revision guide; it’s a guide to what will happen in and around the room in which you sit your exam.  If you are clear on how the exams are run and what to expect, it’s less for you to worry about on the day.

In the following pages you will find information that prepares you for exam day. Reading through this guide will help you to understand why we ask you to do certain things before, during and after each exam.  These are National Guidelines that help the college to conduct the exams in a fair way, so that you are not disadvantaged at all.

I hope you find this information useful.  If you have questions about the information in this guide, please speak to your form tutor or progress leader.