Blessed Open Oct Hog

Blessed Trinity held a wizard Open Evening.

The drama studio was turned into Hogwarts, with acting and dancing, as prospective pupils and their parents had a look around the school, which has been over-subscribed for the last few years.

There were maths challenges, involving midget gems, a giant floor scrabble board in English while part of the humanities room was turned into a First World War hospital as visitors walked through medical history.

There were explosive chemicals in science, a chance to dissect hearts in biology as well as hair-raising experiences on the Van der Graff in physics.

Blessed Open Oct Lang

“It was great to see so many prospective pupils and their parents come into school,” said Headteacher Mr Varey.

“We know it’s a fantastic school and hopefully our visitors agreed.”

If anyone wants any further information about Blessed Trinity, please contact the school.