Blessed Trinity students are enjoying a ‘magic breakfast.’

The school has joined the National School Breakfast Programme (NSBP), which is being delivered by the charities Family Action and Magic Breakfast.

The aim is to fuel learning – an Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) found that having breakfast improves concentration and behaviour.

Blessed Trinity’s Nurture Co-ordinator Ms Lincoln decided to make Blessed Trinity a NSBP school.

“I was already providing breakfast for students in the Nurture Room, which is for the more vulnerable students, and I was given provisions from Warburton’s and Tesco which I was grateful for.

“It’s bagels, porridge, cereal, toast, crumpets, pancakes, fruit and potato cakes as well as gluten free options.

“I could cater for 15 but then it started increasing with other students coming in, such as the Year 11s before their mock examinations.

“At one stage, I had 27 students in so I started looking into the NSPB and was delighted to get funding.

“As a NSBP School we offer a healthy school breakfast, available to all, and enjoy the benefits that brings, with children settled and ready to learn at the start of the school day.

“Students can’t concentrate when they are hungry and so it’s great that Tesco and Warburton’s are still helping us and we have a NSBP grant to keep this going until 2020.”




Mayor Councillor Charlie Briggs officially opened the breakfast club, which is 8am-8.45am every day.

“It’s great to see this,” said the Burnley Mayor. “We know how easy it is to skip breakfast but how important it is so this means students can get provisions as soon as they get to school to get ready for the day ahead.”