Blessed Trinity will be holding their annual retreats for pupils early next year.


retreat01 nov2022


The retreats give pupils a chance to take part in a variety of activities which are designed to build friendships, increase confidence and provide positive experiences to explore faith.

The retreats are usually held in November but they will take place for Year groups 7-10 in March, April and May 2023.


retreat02 nov2022


Chaplain Miss Wilkinson has four visits planned to locations in the North West.

Year 10 and Year 8 will visit Savio House in March; in April a group from Year 9 will go to Soli House and in May, Year 7s will go to Castlerigg Manor.


retreat03 nov2022


“Retreats are important to us and it’s open to every pupil from Years 7-10,” said Miss Wilkinson. “We usually spend two nights there and it’s a time for confidence-building, there are team-building exercises, it’s a time to explore their faith and also build friendships.

“The pupils really grow on these retreats, there are no mobile phones, and you see a different side to them. They are extremely beneficial.”