A  pupil's progress and attainment in each subject will be monitored by the regular  checking and marking of work set and appropriate reports sent home multiple times a year. The progress of individual pupils in all years will be monitored  across the academic year, each pupil receiving 'grade only' as well as written  reports. Parents will be informed of excellent and unsatisfactory progress and  pupils will be rewarded for outstanding effort and progress.

Progress Evenings,  when parents are invited to college to meet subject teachers will be held once a  year for each year group, usually at a time to coincide with the receipt of a  report. Parents are, however, welcome to contact college to make an appointment  to discuss their child's progress if the date chosen is inconvenient or there is  cause for concern.


Homework  will be set regularly in all subjects where the pupils are capable of ultimately  taking public examinations. The time spent on homework will vary. An average of  one to one and a half hours per night in year seven, gradually increasing to two  and a half hours per night in year eleven is usual. Parents are asked to ensure  that either learning or written homework is done each evening and that their  children have a suitable place in which to study.


For  the pastoral care of pupils there will be a horizontal organization by year  groups and a team of form teachers led by a Year Leader. The form teacher is  immediately responsible for each pupils welfare, under the overall direction of  the Year Leader. Year Leaders, form teachers, the head  teacher and deputy head teachers are available by appointment, to discuss any  areas of concern.