The final few months of Year 11 are both crucial and stressful for students, parents and teachers. During this time courses are being completed, coursework deadlines are imminent and revision plans are being constructed.

To enable students to achieve their potential the following are essential:

– Planning and organisation
– Motivation and positive attitudes
– Support and understanding

Thorough revision is key, not only to revisit previous learning but also to identify areas in each subject which have not been thoroughly understood.

There will be many opportunities in school to help with concerns but it is of paramount importance to start work early and plan carefully to avoid the additional stress of last minute panic. It may be worth remembering that examinations are devised to help students show what they can do and what they know, not to try to trick or disadvantage them.

The information on the website has been compiled to offer guidance and support to students and give some suggestions to parents about how they might help their children in the run up to examinations.