Sandwich Ingedients and Potential Allergen Information is listed below


Food Item  Contains  May Contain 
Cheese Sandwich  Wheat, Gluten, Soya, Egg, Milk & Mustard   Sesame & Nuts  
Tuna Mayo Baguette  Wheat, Gluten, Fish, Egg & Mustard  Sesame & Nuts
Tuna Mayo Sandwich    Wheat, Gluten, Fish, Soya, Egg & Mustard  Sesame & Nuts 
Ham Baguette  Wheat, Gluten Sesame & Nuts 
Ham Sandwich  Wheat, Soya & Gluten Sesame & Nuts 
BLT    Wheat, Gluten, Egg & Mustard    Sesame & Nuts 
Chicken Wrap  Wheat, Gluten, Egg & Mustard  Celery & Milk 
Pasta Salad  Wheat, Gluten, Soya, Egg & Mustard  Fish, Crustaceans, Milk, Celery, Sesame & Nuts   


We have looked in detail at our kitchen procedures and although we have taken steps to control the unintended presence of allergenic ingredients in our food we cannot fully guarantee this.