How To Find Your Desk On The Seating Plan


Seating plans will be issued a few days before the exam is scheduled to take place.  You will find them on the notice board outside the Theatre, and outside the room in which you will take the exam if that isn’t the Theatre.

* Find your name and candidate number on the plan

* To the left of your name there will be a desk co-ordinate such as A1, G10 etc.  The letter relates to which row of desks you will be sitting at. Row A is always the furthest row to the front left of the room.  The number relates to how far back in the room you will be seated – 1 is at the front, 10 near the back

* When you enter the exam room and have placed your bag, phone and coat in the storage area, find your seat, checking that you have the correct one – there will be a card with your name and candidate number on it attached to the desk. If you cannot find the correct desk, speak to an invigilator.



* The seating plans are done to ensure that you receive the correct exam paper and that they are collected in the correct order, which is why it is so important that you sit in the correct place.

* If you are late for your exam there are also rules on whether you can sit the exam or not.  You should still attend the exam room and speak to an invigilator, who can tell you whether you are able to sit the exam or not.