LD DWilliamsMrs Williams

Welcome to you, our new Year 7!

I would like to warmly welcome you to Blessed Trinity. I have had the privilege of working here since 2008, and I love being part of such a vibrant and caring catholic community.

One of my roles as Headteacher is to ensure that you receive the best possible care and that you feel safe and well looked after. All staff at Blessed Trinity will support you in any way they can to make your transition a happy and successful one.

Jesus Christ is at the heart of all we do. We Love God, Serve others, Work hard and Value all.
I cannot wait to meet you all soon, as your new journey begins. Until then take care and God bless.


LD JMccueMiss MCcue

I’m Miss McCue, I am one of the Assistant Headteachers here at Blessed Trinity.

I work alongside Mrs Kelly in helping you with your journey at Blessed Trinity.

I teach Sociology here but I also ensure that every pupil here is safe, happy and supported.





LD MGeogheganMrs. Geoghegan

Hello to all of our wonderful, new Year 7 pupils. My name is Mrs Geoghegan and I am an Assistant Headteacher here at Blessed Trinity.  I work within the Quality of Education Team and so my job is to ensure that you are all learning in lessons and in particular, that you achieve your true potential during your time with us.  I also work within the Mathematics Department and I look forward to teaching some of you throughout the next five years.





LD RKeighleyMrs Keighley

I’m Mrs Keighley, I am looking forward to a new set of smart and wonderful Year 7’s joining our school community. I am one on the Assistant Headteachers and I work with the Behaviour Team to ensure everyone is safe, happy, ready to learn and work hard in school. One of my favourite jobs is providing lots of rewards for all those pupils who try hard and display a positive attitude to learning. I have ordered double the number of Gold badges this year as I have heard you are going to be brilliant! I am also proud to be a member of our wonderful RE department.




LD HNolanMrs Nolan

I’m Ms Nolan, Assistant Headteacher in charge of Personal Development and the Pastoral Team. Working with your form teacher and Head of Year, we will be delivering lots of exciting activities and opportunities to learn about how you can develop into the best person that you can be.

It’s my job to help you through your journey to adulthood and encourage and support you through any ups and downs.




LD MSnowdenMr Snowden

I’m Mr Snowden and I am one of the Assistant Headteachers here at Blessed Trinity. You will see me out and about around school quite a lot as I will be in and out of your lessons seeing what you are learning and checking to see how you are getting on. My job is to find out the best ways you all learn and to make sure you get the most from your lessons at Blessed Trinity. I look forward to seeing you all soon.





LD RStevensMs Stevens

Welcome to Blessed Trinity Year 7s and the start of your exciting journey through High School.
I am Ms Stevens, one of the Assistant Headteachers. It is my job to work with you to make the most of your academic potential.  In Year 7, I organise your sets and will explain how we use targets and progress reports to check your learning. You will build upon your knowledge with many exciting new ideas and lots of new subjects too. Throughout your school life, I’ll be there to help your pick options, support your through GCSEs and organise extra help if you should need it. 

Make the most of every day, Year 7 – the next 5 years will fly by!


LD JTuohyDr. Tuohy

Hi, my name is Dr. Tuohy and I am an assistant headteacher here at Blessed Trinity.  I am responsible for the Quality of Education in our school.  I am also a science teacher and specialise in Biology and Physics.






LD RWrightMrs Wright

Hello new Year 7, I very much look forward to meeting you next year. I’m Mrs Wright and I am one of the Assistant Headteachers at Blessed Trinity.  I work across both of the Senior Leadership teams, so you will see me around school supporting your learning and progress, as well as helping to make sure that you are all happy, safe and working hard. I am also a member of the Performing Arts team so you will see me teaching Dance and Drama. I hope to see some of you at the many extra- curricular activities we have!


Transition Leader Mrs Kelly: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.