Blessed Trinity student Molly has had 20 inches cut off her hair in memory of her friend Ethan Hunt.

Ethan, 16, died tragically of Sepsis in March this year after spending a month in Wythenshawe Hospital, where he had both his legs amputated.

Molly had known Ethan since they were both young and she wanted to do something for his charity as he fought for his life.

Molly, 16, raised a staggering £760 as well as providing hair for three wigs to the Little Princess Trust.
Her mum Marianne said: “Molly has known Ethan since they started primary school together at St Mary's, then they progressed onto Blessed Trinity and ended up in the same form.

“When Molly heard Ethan was unwell after missing him in form, she was devastated to hear the news that he was in hospital and had deteriorated so much so that he had developed Sepsis and needed to have his legs amputated.

“Molly is a strong, resilient teenager and was keen to raise as much money as she possibly could to raise the funds for Ethan’s new legs.

“Molly approached school about doing some fundraising and at that point decided to set up a gofundme account and advertised the fundraising on social media and ended up raising £760.”




Molly also decided to have her hair cut to benefit Ethan's charity and the Little Princess Trust and was devastated with the news he had died.
Marianne continued:  “From a young age Molly has always had lovely blonde locks. She wanted to cut her hair and have enough to donate to the ‘Little Princess Trust’ which makes wigs for children who have lost their hair through cancer.

“Molly wanted to make sure as many people as possible benefited from her having her hair cut off.

“Molly had approximately 20 inches cut off her hair at Vanilla hairdressers in Padiham by Vicky Holland who also donated, by putting the cost of the hair cut into the proceeds.

“Melanie and Andrew Hunt, Ethan’s parents, were present as Molly had her hair cut.”

Molly's hair has been sent to the Little Princess Trust and there will be enough to make three wigs.

“As she left the hairdressers, Molly was proud she had done it for Ethan and myself, my husband, Craig, along with Molly’s siblings George, 12, and Ella, six, are so proud of her as it’s such a selfless thing to do.”