Summer holidays may be over but a group of Blessed Trinity students are still spending time with their parents!

Thirteen students have their parents working at the school in various roles.

Year Seven Aaliyah comes into school with her mum, Mrs McCue, an Assistant Head Teacher.

“I do not mind, it makes it easy for lifts!” said Aaliyah.

Year Seven Connie's dad works as a Teaching Assistant.

“I guess it is a bit weird but I haven’t seen too much of him at school so far,” said Connie.

Harvey and Darcy's mum is Science Technician Mrs Hudson while Deputy Head Teacher Mrs Williams has her son Jacob at Blessed Trinity.

Mia's mum is Admin Assistant Mrs Hope while Rossi's mum is Teaching Assistant Mrs Fleming.

Phoebe and Annabel come into school with mum, English teacher Mrs Bainbridge, while Mr Stubbs,dad to Daisy, is the Curriculum Leader for PE.

Liam's mum is receptionist Mrs Carter while Sophie's mum works at Blessed Trinity in the canteen.

Finally Hannah's mum is Teaching Assistant Mrs Daulton.

“It is unusual to have so many parents and their children at the school but it emphasises the strong education we provide and values we have at Blessed Trinity,” said Head Teacher Mr Varey.