Hayde August 2022

Hadye almost didn't sit his GCSE's - but he is glad he did.

Just two weeks before the exams, the Blessed Trinity Roman Catholic College pupil was advised by medical professionals, due to his mental health issues triggered by the pandemic, that it may be better to not sit his examinations and do the year again.

But Hadye was determined - and secured one Grade 8, two Grade 7s and one Grade 6 among other strong results.

"I was told not to sit them but I wanted to try," said Hadye.

"I am so glad I did now looking at the results. I want to do an Apprenticeship at a car company."

Assistant Head teacher Mrs McCue said: "As a school working with him every day we believed he could sit his exams. We obviously took what the medical professionals said very seriously but we wanted to give it a go, so he didn't have to wait another year.

"We worked with him to support him to make sure he was comfortable taking the examinations and that it was never too much for him. We are just so pleased at his results."