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  • Nest Lancashire

    Published 24/09/23

    Blessed Trinity are teaming up with Nest Lancashire to provide support for our young people aged between 8-18 who have been affected by crime. 

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  • Extra-Curricular Clubs

    Published 22/09/23

    Year 7 pupils got the chance to sign up to a variety of extra-curricular clubs at their Extra-Curricular Fair.

    There were too many clubs to list but there was something for everyone, including Textiles, History, Equalities Club, Philosophy, Performing Arts, Eco-Club, Sports Club, Film Club and more.

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  • Summer School

    Published 29/08/23

    There has been baking, maths puzzles, French and sport at our Summer School.

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  • Class of 2023

    Published 24/08/23

    Headteacher Mrs Williams is proud of the Class of 2023 as they received their GCSE and vocational results today:

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  • Duke of Edinburgh

    Published 30/07/23

    Sixty pupils were out on their Duke of Edinburgh bronze qualifying expedition at Pendle Hill.

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  • Future Aims

    Published 20/07/23

    Our Year 11s have worked hard and have shown superb determination, maturity and resilience.

    After completing their GCSEs we asked a few to come back and talk to us about their aims for the future.

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  • Inspired Lucy

    Published 20/07/23

    Lucy said her geography teacher Miss Wilkinson has inspired her to become a teacher. 

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  • Prefects and Heads 2023-24

    Published 20/07/23

    Our Head Boys and Girls, Platinum and Senior Prefects for 2023 - 2024

    Our Head Boy Wayes and Head Girl Samantha, either side of Head Teacher Mrs Williams, with Deputy Head Girl Aaliyah and Deputy Head Boy George.


    Our Platinum Prefects with Head Teacher Mrs Williams.


    Our Senior Prefect team for the next school year. Well done to everyone who was selected - we loved seeing your plans for how you are going to take the school forward from September.

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  • No waffling from our Year 9s!

    Published 20/07/23

    Our Year 9 pupils were hoping not to waffle when they took part in the annual Warburtons Project! 

    The pupils were in their forms and were given the task of developing a new product for the bakers. 

    This included researching it, thinking about ingredients, the packaging, the price and considering their profit margins, as well as the environmental impact and nutritional factors.   

    They then presented their project to a panel of judges, including representatives from Warburtons and local business leaders.

    Bosco were the winners with their varied waffles – including chocolate chip, fruit and strawberry flavours. 

    Goretti were the runners-up with ‘Cronusts’ – a half donut, half croissant product. 

    “The project is part of the Skills Builder Programme we deliver in school, helping pupils to develop their employability skills ready for the future,” said Careers Leader Mrs Hart. 

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  • Sergeant Erin

    Published 20/07/23

    Year 10 Erin could soon be on the Burnley beat as she gains the qualifications to hopefully join the police force. 

    Erin has just become a Sergeant in the Police Cadets. 

    “I started around two years ago and go every Tuesday to the cadets. 

    “We learn about different roles in the police and every week there is a different topic. 

    “I have just sat my Sergeant test for the cadets. It was tough as I had to apply, write an application and then have an interview. Quite a lot of people applied but I felt I had done ok in the interview. 

    “I was happy to become a Sergeant and now I will have my own table to lead, so I will lead around six-eight cadets. 

    “My interest in the police came about as my dad became a PCSO and I enjoyed hearing all his stories and I decided that’s what I wanted to do. He is very proud of me being made a Sergeant.” 

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  • Jayden is flying high!

    Published 19/07/23


    Jayden wants to fix aeroplanes and not fly them – but he is enjoying the experience of being in the Air Cadets. 

    The Year 9 pupil is an Air Cadet in the 1104 Pendle Squadron. 

    “I have been an Air Cadet since September, it’s a family tradition really,” said Jayden. 

    “I go twice a week and have been gliding and flying is brilliant. You watch Top Gun, fly a light aircraft, then go back to Top Gun, what’s not to like?! 

    “I want to be a Mechanical Engineer in the RAF in the future. I would rather fix and not fly planes!” 

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  • Police Cadet

    Published 18/07/23

    Cameron is proving a top volunteer with the Police Cadets. 

    The Year 9 has been with the Police Cadets for a year and says it has been ‘brilliant’ so far. 

    “We have volunteered over 50 hours in the community at things like running events and stalls and raised more than £12,000 for a number of charities. 

    “I have loved it and I now want to be a policeman. I want to help people and make a difference in the world.” 

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