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Progress Evening Booking

SchoolCloud - Blessed Trinity RC College

The link above will take you to SchoolCloud which is the platform we use to organise Progress Evening 

Although we hold meetings face-to-face at Blessed Trinity we use 'school cloud' for parents to book appointments at parents’ evenings. Following feedback from parents we have found this system is preferred by parents:

Parents like being able to choose their own appointment times, with the teachers they want to see – rather than leaving the decision in the hands of their child, or sending a reply slip back to school, hoping it’s not lost at the bottom of a schoolbag.

Evenings run more to time

A sensible gap between appointments can be automatically inserted to ensure parents arrive at their next appointment on time. Most schools and parents report their parents’ evenings run smoother as a result

Automatic Appointment Booking

The system has an automatic booking mode to find the most efficient appointment schedule for the parent to see the teachers in the shortest amount of time possible.

Waiting List

For busy teachers, parents can join a waiting list. The teacher can follow up with the parent at a later time.