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 Ms McCue (SENDCO and SLT Responsible)

The department is here to support any child that may have any barrier to learning and support pupils through their school journey. Within the SEND department, pupils with a SEND need will be assigned a ‘Key Worker’ dependent on their SEND needs. These Key workers are there as a source of contact between parent and pupil and will liaise with parents regarding their child.

If you would like to discuss your child who will be joining us who has a SEND need please email or

Please see below our different SEND areas and the key workers for these departments.



Miss Walsh (Assistant SENDCO and SEMH Lead)
My name is Miss Walsh. I am the Assistant SENDCO at Blessed Trinity. I work with Miss McCue and the SEND department. We make sure everything that is needed to help you learn is in place for September. I work with all pupils who have special educational needs and will always be around if you need help with anything. I look forward to meeting you all.


Ms Daulton (Cognition and Learning Lead and Exam Access)
Hi, my name is Ms Daulton and I am the Specific Learning Difficulties Lead. My role includes assessing pupils educational needs, providing strategies to your teachers to allow you to access learning. Also, I assist Speech and Language pupils and provide intervention sessions to help you all. I am also the exams access officer and can ensure SEND pupils an have equal opportunity to succeed.


Mrs Green (EAL Lead)

Hello there I am Mrs Green, we look after pupils with English as an additional language. I also teach Polish and I love helping with maths.


Mrs G Stringman (ASD TA)

Hello, I'm Mrs Stringman. I'm an ASD Teaching assistant. I love working with all the pupils in school to help them achieve their goals. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone.


Miss Harker (Pupil support TA)

Hi My name is Miss Harker, I am a specialist Visual impairment teaching assistant. I adapt resources into braille and tactile media to allow full access to the curriculum.  



Mrs H Thornton-Armitt (Pupil support TA)

Hello there, my name is Mrs. Thornton-Armitt (Mrs TA for short) I am a teaching assistant in school, so I am here to help with whatever you may need or can help you find someone who can. I love my job; my favourite part is that no two children or two days are the same. I look forward to seeing you all next year! 


Mrs H Begum (Pupil support TA)

Hi Everyone, My name is Mrs Begum; you can call me Mrs B if you like. I am a Pupil Support Teaching Assistant here at Blessed Trinity and have been working with young people across Burnley & Pendle for the past 17 years as both a Youth & Community Development Worker and a Support Teaching Assistant. Here at the College, you will find me in the Learning Support Area alongside the other support staff based there. I am always happy to help and support any pupil who needs my assistance. Being bilingual I can speak Bengali & Urdu. My hobbies include singing, dancing, fashion & food. Please come to me if you need my help. 


Miss A Clarke (Physical Disabilities Lead)

My name is Miss Clarke and I am Physical Disabilities Lead. I am also a Safeguarding Officer. I am here to listen to you and to support you in overcoming any barriers to your learning. 


Miss Hall (Reading and Phonics Interventions)

Hi, I'm Miss Hall, I deliver targeted phonics and reading interventions to pupils within the school. I can help you with reading fluency, improving phonics knowledge and comprehension interventions. I am trained in Lexonik Leap.  I work alongside Mrs Green in EAL.  I love reading, movies, history and seeing new places.


Miss Cunliffe (Communication, Interaction and Sensory Lead)

Hi, I'm Miss Cunliffe and I am the lead for Autistic Spectrum Disorder at Blessed Trinity. Any support you may need, please come and see me! My favourite subjects are maths and physics, but I support in every lesson in school.


Miss Fleming (Teaching Assistant) 

Hi, My name is Miss Fleming. I am covering for Miss Cunliffe as ASD Lead until January 2025. I love working here at Blessed Trinity. It is a warm and welcoming environment with lots of fun and laughter. My favourite subject is RE; however, I can help you with anything you are struggling with. I love music, reading and hanging out with my friends. I love getting to know all of the children here at Blessed Trinity and watching them grow into lovely young adults.


Miss Norris (Intervention Lead)

Hello, my name is Miss Norris. My role is SEN Intervention Lead. I run 1-1 and group sessions to help support you both in and out of the classroom. I carry out various sessions including Understanding Healthy Relationships, Social Development/Skills, Understanding Cognition, Learning, Interaction and Sensory Needs and many more. My favourite part of Intervention is Science Football and getting creative with my students.


Miss G Astin
Hi, I'm Miss Astin and I am the nurture lead here at Blessed Trinity. I spend most of my days delivering bespoke sessions to children who need support with friendships, regulating their emotions, social skills and low-level anxieties and worries. I also lead friendship groups which includes making friendship "cakes" and doing scavenger hunts. I love getting to know all the children I support and watching them blossom into beautiful young people!


Miss J Welch
Hi, my name is Miss welch and I am a teaching assistant here at Blessed Trinity. I really enjoy science and music lessons; however, I am here to help you with all your lessons! My hobbies include playing my violin and listening to music! Always feel free to come and see me if you need any help.


Mr H Pearce
Hello, my name is Mr Pearce, I am a teaching assistant at Blessed Trinity. My favourite things include football, golf and listening to music. Please feel free to come and see me whenever you need help. 


Miss J Plunkett
I'm Miss Plunkett. I work as a TA here at Blessed Trinity. My favourite subjects are Drama and English. If you need any support, please don't hesitate to come and ask me anything! My hobbies include yoga, shopping and walking. 


Miss B Heys
Hello, my name is Miss Heys. I am a teaching assistant here at Blessed Trinity, if you need any support at all please come to see me and I will do all I can to help you. My hobbies include baking, reading, listening to music and trying new food.


Miss C Corless
Hello, my name is Miss Corless. I am a teaching assistant at Blessed Trinity and have enjoyed working in all lessons, but I really enjoy English. Outside of school I enjoy spending time with family and friends, as well as walking my dog.  I enjoy exploring new places! But I also enjoy quiet time on my own reading. I am based in Learning support if you need to come and have a chat, but you can also find me walking around school and hopefully in some of your lessons. 


Miss S Hillier
Hello, my name is Miss Hillier. I am teaching assistant at blessed trinity; I really enjoy English and history lessons! But will support you in any lesson you need. My hobbies include music, visiting new places and learning new things. I'm here to support you both in and out of lessons so always feel free to come find me if you need help with anything at all. 


Mrs J Flahavan
Hello, I am Miss Flahavan, Specialist Teaching Assistant for students with a Visual Impairment (VI). I have worked with a number of VI students in both Primary and Secondary schools. Here at Blessed Trinity, I work as a 1:1 supporting our VI students in their lessons. I work with our students so that they can access a full curriculum by adapting resources into braille or other tactile media.


Mrs L Soltani
Hello, My name is Mrs Soltani and I am a specialist teaching assistant for a visually impaired student. I adapt materials into braille so that VI students can fully access lessons. I also support with habilitation  skills for VI students to navigate safely around the school building.


Miss A Baldwin
Hello! My name is Miss Baldwin, and I am Teaching Assistant here at Blessed Trinity. I'm here to support you in and out of lessons with whatever you may need. My hobbies include reading, running, football and F1! My favourite part of my job is seeing our pupils' overcome barriers and grow into amazing, independent people.