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Smart Student Council

Our pupils have started a ‘Smart Student Council’ to make sure more pupil voices are heard in the school.

The Smart Student Council is an off-shoot of the whole School Council and, using computers for pupils to log their ideas in form time, it means more pupils get their say in how the school is run.

Year 11 pupil and Head Boy Wayes said: “The Smart Council have been speaking in assemblies and, what we ask pupils to do is, during form time, fill out questionnaires so pupils have an input about how they would like the school to be run.

“This system has made is an efficient process and ensures every voice is heard.

“There have been some brilliant ideas which have been discussed by the council and one we will implement soon is a Random Acts of Kindness Day and we are just putting plans in place for this.”

Wayes has been a big voice himself for Young Enterprise as, late last year, he was selected to attend the Conservative Party Conference and Labour Party Conferences to talk about ‘applied learning.’

“It was an honour as I was the only pupil in the county and I was the youngest as everyone else was 18.

“We discussed applied learning, which Young Enterprise is part of, and we discussed how important things like this are in school and how it could be incorporated into the curriculum.

"It was an amazing experience and helped to expand my knowledge of politics and education in the UK."

Curriculum Leader of Performing Arts Mrs Pagliuca said: "Random Acts of Kindness Day is to encourage kindness in school and will involve all pupils. 

"There will be stalls set up so pupils and staff can buy positive and inspiring postcards with a chocolate to give to someone else and spread kindness. 

"Staff will also be included as pupils will be offering them 'just add hot water' coffee, tea and hot chocolate to show them someone care and appreciates them."