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Romero Schools Visit Blessed Trinity

Blessed Trinity welcomed 11 primary and high schools from the Romero Catholic Academy Trust.

Pupils came from Christ the King, St Mary’s, Holy Trinity, Sacred Heart and St Augustine’s in Burnley, St John Southworth in Nelson, St Anne’s and St Josephs in Accrington, St Mary’s in Bacup as All Saints in Rawtenstall. They spent the day reflecting on "Seeing through God's Eyes"



The day, led by Blessed Trinity Mission Leaders, explored how St Oscar Romero saw the face of Christ in everyone. He based his life on Jesus and the day helped pupils think about how Catholic Social Teaching helps us to apply Jesus' teaching to the world today.  



“It was about Catholic Social Teaching and how the principles of human dignity, solidarity, rights and responsibilities and stewardship can apply to our everyday lives,” said Associate Assistant Headteacher Mrs Thompson.



“There has been reflective meditation, pupils made glasses for ‘Seeing Through God’s Eyes’, we explored how we can use Catholic Social Teachings in different situations such as friendship problems,  we reflected on the Gospel, sang hymns and then celebrated Mass together." 



Year 4 Ava, from St Anne’s and St Joseph’s, said: “We made glasses with pipe cleaners to look with God’s eyes. It was very cool. I learnt how special everyone is to God.”

Year 4 Isabelle from St John the Baptist said: “We started in the sports hall where we had quotes from the Bible and we had to match them up with pictures.”



St Augustine’s Year 6 Alberto said: “It was a good day, we sung some hymns, said some prayers and meditated. I have learnt that everyone has equal rights.”



Christ the King’s  Year 6 Miller said: “I have loved my day, I have loved drawing and colouring and learning about God.”

Christ the King’s Jules said: “We have done some drawing, learnt about Oscar Romero’s life and it’s been good being in a big school.