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Parents / Carers Supporting Pupils

Live Parent Webinar: How You Can Make Technology an Ally (& Not the Enemy!)

Tuesday 6th February 6:00-7:00pm 

Many parents associate phones and technology with procrastination and distraction, seeing them as a threat to their child’s productivity – and success at school. 

But what if technology could be used to boost productivity and improve focus?  
Our upcoming webinar on making technology the ally shows parents how they can help their child to build a healthy relationship with their phone and use app blockers to remove distractions.  

Attendees of our last webinar on technology and focus came away with relevant, practical advice that could be used that evening:  

‘I learned so much and it felt so on-point with my teenage son. It also helped me see that some of the things I am already doing are on the right track.’ 

‘Informative, with practical examples and real-life applications. Simple and easy to remember.’ 

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