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Work Experience

Work experience is an opportunity for our pupils to gain an insight into the world of work, and to help them prepare for the responsibilities and opportunities of adult life. All pupils in Year 10 will be taking part in work experience.

We will be working in partnership with the North West Education Business Partnership (North West EBP). They will ensure that all of our work experience placements are assessed and meet the relevant health and safety requirements.

Arranging a work experience placement

Pupils are asked, in the first instance, to try to arrange a placement for themselves. This is called a self-placement. All pupils will be issued with an information pack containing all of the relevant information.

We will also be holding a parents information event in school.

In order to arrange a placement for themselves, pupils are asked to consider the type of placement that they are interested in. They will then need to approach the employer in person, by phone, letter or email in order to secure the placement. Some companies may ask for a CV. Advice on writing CV’s and approaching work experience employers will be provided through preparation to work time in school.

Additional advice for pupils can be found by visiting START Profile

All pupils have their own login and if not should speak to Mrs Hart in school for support with this.


Parent Guide

In addition, a parent guide to work experience can be found using the link below. It includes information on how to help your son/daughter arrange a work experience placement, and how to support them during the process: 


Things to consider when arranging a work experience placement

• We discourage pupils from working with their parents or relatives, as a major part of the experience is for the pupils to work with people that they have not worked with before in a new environment.

• We cannot accept placements where you child would be working on a one to one basis.

• Some placements require protective clothing, which are not always provided by the employer.

• Placements working with children or vulnerable adults may require applicants to be DBS (police) checked.

• It is a good idea to research transport links before deciding on a placement.


Completing the self-placement form

Once a work experience placement is agreed, the pupils are asked to complete the self-placement form with a company representative. This form is completed and returned to Mrs Hart (Careers Office) or Mrs Nuttall (Pastoral Office) .The front section details any medical issues which would need to be considered when selecting placements. The reverse section summarises the placement details. We then send the self-placement form to North West Education Business Partnership who will assess the suitability of the placement for Health and Safety and insurance requirements. Employers accepting a pupil on work experience need to have Public Liability and Employers Liability insurance.  Any pupil who is unable to arrange a self-placement has an interview with Mrs Hart, who assists in arranging a suitable work experience placement.

Work Experience Preparation

All Year 10 pupils will take part in work experience preparation. They will be asked to complete a series of activities in sessions designed to get them to think carefully about their upcoming placement.

The sessions will include:

• Preparing for a work experience placement

• Getting the most out of a work experience placement

• Employability skills

• Health and safety

Prior to the Work Experience Placement

Pupils receive a placement agreement form from North West Education Business Partnership. This confirms the details of the placement. We ask pupils to contact the employer before the placement to confirm the details of what will happen on their first day. The employer will also need to sign the placement agreement form which MUST be returned to Mrs Hart or Mrs Nuttall before the work experience can take place.

Pupils will also be issued with a work experience log book.


During the Work Experience Placement

Work Experience Log Book

We ask that pupils complete their log book thoroughly during the placement, and bring it back into school with them in the first school week in September. There are sections in the log book for their employer and parent/carer to complete.



If a pupil cannot attend/will be late for any reason we ask them to contact the work placement and school by phone. If the work experience placement is closed the pupil must attend school that day.



If a pupil has any issues/concerns during the work experience placement we ask their parent/carer to contact us.


Staff Visits

During the placement staff will visit the employer and pupil to find out how they are getting on.


North West EBP Email to Employers

An email will be sent to employers asking them to complete feedback on the pupil.


After the Work Experience Placement

Pupils are asked to bring their work experience log books back into school in the first week back in September. We use the information in the log book to support them with CV writing, personal statements, and college/6th form interview preparation.